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How do I enroll my child to school?

Guideline to starting Public Elementary School

In this blog, you can expect a step by step explanation on how to get you and your children ready for starting school from April. Our post is a standard version of most schools so your region's custom may be vary. But no problem! Feel free to contact us about any questions. We hope this post helps you.


Purchase Randoseru (school bag) / studying desk

Randoseru is a school backpack that almost all Japanese children use to go to elementary school. These need pre ordering so purchasing it early is important. You can check our links to online stores or go to your nearest department stores. We recommend going to a store to actually try it on. The most popular colors are black and red. We recommend buying a Randoseru that is simple so when your children are in 6th grade, they still like it.

Famous places to buy Randoseru

<Octobor~ November>

Health check up

Prior to starting school, a general health check up will take place. You will receive a letter with instructions on dates and things to bring in your post. Most likely, it will be held at the elementary school your child is planning to attend.


Enrollment Notice

You will receive an enrollment letter from the local government about your children’s enrollment to the nearest public school. You will need to fill in some information. Most schools will ask you to bring the letter with you at the entrance ceremony in April.


Briefing session for new parents

The school will hold a briefing session for parents to know more about the school. For example, specific things that children need at school such as P.E. outfits and math materials. As well as the yearly schedule. One parent/guardian is enough for this kind of gathering.


Get ready

After the briefing session, you can take the time to purchase things that are needed to start school. Check our Goods Page for more information to what to buy.


Entrance ceremony

Usually parents wear semi-formal/ formal clothes. Mothers tend to white or pastel colors. (Contrary to a graduation ceremony where people wear darker colors). Fathers usually wear suits. Grandparents and siblings are welcomed too. However, the ceremony is pretty long.

Things to bring to Entrance ceremony:

  • Enrollment Notice

  • Stationary

  • Indoor Slippers

  • A small bag to put the slippers in

  • Camera (optional)

Finally, before starting elementary school, it would be beneficial for your children to know how to read the clock and read Hiragana and numbers.

Thank you for reading this far.

Have further questions about enrolling your children to school?

Contact us by clicking here or by chat!

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