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5 amazing benefits of learning at a Japanese public school

In this blog, we will be exploring the advantages of going to a Japanese public school. Japanese public school is different from anything else and it is truly an eye-opening experience that we think is not recognized enough.

1. Experience firsthand Japanese culture

Japanese public schools are a unique place where young minds can grasp the unwritten culture and values of Japanese people. Children can practice and find themselves adapting to customs that may be new to them. A great lesson that I have personally learned is collectivism. Although I learned the term "collectivism" many years later, I learned the idea of creating a strong bond with others by working together. School events are symbolic of "collectivism" as teachers and students work very hard to prepare. For example, sports festivals and school plays, even graduation rehearsals are organized at least 3 months before. Therefore, as a parent, you can expect a high-quality performance. In Japanese public schools, everyone participates and contributes to creating one piece which teaches one how to work with others from a young age.

2. Create friendships that stretch outside of school

One of the benefits of public school is that everyone lives close by. Therefore, it is common for classmates to gather after school. These gatherings were exciting and genuinely fun. Usually, I would randomly walk to the park because there is always someone. I personally think this time was important in my social life because school time can be quite restricting and spending time doing hide and seek as a sixth grader is a memory I will never forget.

3. Interact with peers from different backgrounds

Japanese public school is very open to anyone. Therefore, you can expect your friends to have different cultural beliefs and living conditions. For example, some of my friends had five other siblings and some were raised by single mothers and some were raised in temples. Learning at a Japanese public school gives children the opportunity to understand that everyone is different which impacts the way you see yourself too.

4. Explore nature and appreciate it

One of the unique aspects of learning at a Japanese public school is that there are many opportunities to explore nature which relates to one of the core Japanese values. Starting from grade one, students walk to parks nearby for picnics. In addition, most schools have pets such as rabbits and turtles to appreciate wildlife. Furthermore, it is very common to harvest your own vegetables for a summer break too. This can be meaningful especially today when everything is becoming digital for students to appreciate our surrounding nature.

5. Close and safe!

Japan is known for being extremely safe, and yes to some extent that is true. Usually, children from first grade will go to school by themselves. Depending on which area you live in, your school will provide a safe route from your residence to your school. In addition, many students go to school with their friends. Also, PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) usually organizes parents to stand at certain points on the route to school to ensure the student's safety.

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