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(上履き/U-wa-ba-ki)In Japan, we separate shoes for indoor and outdoor use. These are special indoor shoes for classroom use in schools.


Randoseru, a backpack designed for elementary school students. Usually made of leather and comes in various different designs. Prices vary, might be expensive. (Most common brand = Fit-chan &AEON)


Pencil case for elementary school kids. Designed to hold all necessary stationary in school. IMPORTANT: Aka-enpitsu(赤鉛筆) = red pencils are needed in Japanese elementary schools.


Also known as keyboard harmonica: an instrument commonly used in Japanese Elementary school music classes. Most common= Yamaha Pianica/Suzuki Melodion. 32 Keys, Alto range.


Another instrument used in Japanese elementary school music classes. Most common = Yamaha Soprano recorder

Bouhan Buzzer

(防犯ブザー/bouhan buzzer) A portable buzzer/alarm that is attached to the side of a bag. If you pull the trigger it makes a really loud noise. For kids to alert adults nearby if they might be confronted by a criminal.


In schools with uniforms, local clothing stores nearby usually provide school uniforms. Schools will have specific rules about what to wear, and will provide parents with info on stores with their uniforms or necessary clothing.

water bottle

Most waterbottles look like this. It is useful when it has a holder so that it be carried. It's best to get insulated bottles that can work with both cold and hot drinks.

Bento Box

Lunch box is needed in special events like school field trips and sports day. (example school lunch)

hamigaki set

In some schools(especially elementary schools), tooth brushes are a requirement to be used after lunch.


In a public elementrary and middle school, all textbooks does not cost you any money, government tax is used. However, notebooks are not covered. You will get a new text book at the beginning of every year.


Odogu ba ko is a box that you put in under the desk to keep student's textbooks. You use this for six years in elementary school. You usually keep notebooks on the rightself and use the left side for other stationaries such as color pencils, tape, scisorrs and books.


This is a specifc bag for parents and school teachers to communicate. Inside are letters from the school and a notebook called the renraku cho. This notebook is used for parents and school teachers to write specific personal facts, and communicate how students are doing.


In Japanese schools, students are assigned time and space to clean up the school after lunchtime. In public elementary schools, studnets are expected to bring their own dust cloth.


Especially in elementrary school, mini tissue and handkachief is a must. There are specific pouch where you can attatch on student's pants. (photo)

taisou fuku

P.E. clothes can be purcheased in local shops or school (if they have a specific type) After purchase, you are required to saw the name tag on the left chest or centre.

bousai zukin(防災ずきん)

This is used to protect students in emergency situtations such as earthquakes. It is usually storied on the back of the seat and used when necessary. Evacuation drills are held frequently for students to prepare. Choose products that are authorised by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.

Hairstyles in school

Usually for public school, there are no rules regarding hairstyles. However, for girls, students avoid fancy accessories such as many hair clips and neclaces. (ear piercing and hair dying are usually banned due to school rules... some Japanese schools have very strict rules regarding appearances.)


School hand bags are used in so many ways. For example, there are bags for music and art. In addition, there are days such as opening ceremonies were students don't need to go to school with Randoseru because it only half day. You can find many types in Daiso and other 100-yen shops.


Shitajiki(optional) is a sheet of plastic put under every page when writing to provide support and allow for neater handwriting. Also found in Daiso.

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