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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A warm welcoming from Sayaka & Midori


Thank you so much for checking our website.

We are the creators of TOMO CLASSROOM. We are currently high school students of UWC ISAK JAPAN. It is our pleasure to have you read this. We created this website specifically for international parents and children who are living in Japan because we know living in Japan is really difficult. Both of us have lived abroad and experienced cultural shock in different ways. We have also seen people struggle with the same issue so we decided to take action. That is how TOMO CLASSROOM was founded.

We sincerely hope that this website and future blog helps you understand more about Japan. If you have any questions about living in Japan, please fill out the survey and we will respond in 24 hours! In addition, we are always open to new ideas and content. If there is any content that you find missing or content you would like us to add, please feel free to contact us. It will help us greatly.

A Social Issue worth solving

We believe that cultural support in Japanese schools, specifically, public schools is underdeveloped. According to the The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, also known as MEXT, in 2018, 20-30% of children in Japanese public school didn't receive language support. In addition, these language support systems are limited and only focuses on academics. From our experiences and people who have used the support system, there is a lot more that can be done.

We want to start solving this issue by creating a website where people in need can come to us. We believe that lack of cultural support in school is a small piece of a larger issue. It relates to the issue of over worked teachers, the insufficient English education, and school refusal as a whole. By solving this social issue, we hope positive change will spread like a chain reaction to other issues as well. We believe the power of our generation can do so.

Our vision

Our vision for TOMO CLASSROOM is to be the first step to solve language & cultural barrier in Japan. If a classroom becomes more open to diversity we believe society will change as well. This is because a classroom is a miniature size of society. In this way, we believe small impacts can lead to larger impacts. TOMO CLASSROOM is the starter of our big vision.


In August of 2022, TOMO CLASSROOM was nominated for the One Young World Student Pitch finalists.

If you are interested to watch the speech for TOMO CLASSROOM, click here.

(around the 37min mark)

The pitch is about social issues Japanese high school students want to solve.

From this experience, we were able to connect with people who related and supported our vision.

If you are one of the people who reached out to myself, special thank you for your encouragement. It's honestly crazy how TOMO CLASSROOM has become reality like this :)

Thank you for reading until the end. Hope you have a beautiful day.

How to get involved in TOMO CLASSROOM?

Contact us here for any questions or comment.

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