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3 Japanese Traditions You Don't Know During Summer

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Special School Occasions during Summer

It's summer time

Summer time, for students, it's one the best events of the year, for parents, it can be a struggle. In this page, we will introduce school events from summer break to early Autumn. This season is probably the most busy and exciting time, with so many events happening. We will also introduce how Japanese children spend their summer. I hope this will help you to plan for the summer.

Events in summer (July- September)

JUNE/JULY: Student council elections (生徒会改選)

The student council of a school is usually elected in the year before, but reelections occur around the summer. Just like a real election, candidates usually make a short speech of their visions and the whole school votes.

Students usually present about ...

- changing school rules

- more transparency of the student council

- clean up projects for the school and community

JULY: Japan Junior High School Sports Competition/Japan Junior High School Culture&Arts Competition (中総体・中文連)

If you don't know yet, club activities in Japanese schools are very SERIOUS. In contrary to western club activities, most clubs in Japan are year long and in Junior high school and high school, students continue for 3 to 6 years. Whether that is cultural clubs like Japanese music or sport clubs like running, summer is the highlight for most students to compete in competitions. That is why, in summer, competitions are held, from prefecture, region, and then national. I have been to a regional competition for track and field, it is really aspiring to see people from different places to share the same passion and compete.

Most common clubs in junior high school:

- dance club

- volleyball club

- brass band club

JULY~AUGUST: Summer holidays!

Summer break usually starts from mid-late July to the end of August. Elementary students usually spend time with friends and family while junior high students & high school students go to club activities or competitions. There is a lot of homework given to students. For example, tons of worksheets for each subject and summer diaries. If you are having trouble with translation, send us an email from here.

Some must to do activities during summer break is...

eat Japanese shaved ice

go to the beach/ go insect hunting

visit local summer festivals

see fireworks

And as far away it seems like, Autumn arrives so soon!

Thank you for reading this far.

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